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Apple products enjoy unwavering popularity among millions of users, including for internet use. Given modern realities, protecting personal data and accessing blocked resources will require a good VPN for iPhone.

VPN for Android is a special program that allows access to blocked websites and applications from mobile devices. Its operation is based on transmitting data through special secure servers, hiding the user's real location. This allows access to restricted resources, and encrypts traffic, making its tracking practically impossible.

The need for a VPN arose after some websites and applications started to be blocked. The abbreviation stands for Virtual Private Network, which means that within the public network, a private channel is created through which data is transmitted, hidden from other observers, including the provider. Requests come from servers in different countries, allowing users to masquerade as users from those countries, thereby bypassing the ban on visiting blocked resources.

You may know that if you try to access YouTube when it is blocked, a VPN is the easiest and most reliable method helping you to unblock it, as well as any video hosting websites to watch videos without any restrictions. Let's consider how does Rocket VPN get access to YouTube and other blocked websites

It may happen that when you try to access Netflix it says “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet”